Do you feel like your creative freelancer career isn’t propelling as fast as you want it to? Do you want to take the next big step and start monetizing off of your creative skills? If so, this post is for all of our photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and writers out there! So without further ado, let’s get started...

A collaborative iRose Social post by Sharon Litz and Michelle Sun.


First stop, Puesto for the yummiest tacos in La Jolla. I ordered the two vegetarian taco options on the menu: The Mushroom and The Zucchini and Cactus. The word cactus has such a strong visual effect on the mind that I could envision my entree served in the form of a spiky plant. Fortunately, not at all the case. Not to mention quite delicious and my favorite out of the two options. Be sure to order the elote (corn) with your taco dishes as it adds a flavor punch. Michelle and I were practically sparring over the corn like two hungry pigeons...


Have you always dreamed of working with your favorite brand, but don’t know how to get there? Well, that’s where your media kit comes into play. Designing a flawless and professional media kit will help you land the gig of your dreams because it showcases your previous work as well as adds credibility to your brand. But first, let’s go over what the definition of a media kit is and what information your media kit should consist of to score the collaboration of your dreams.

A collaborative iRose Social post by Sharon Litz and Michelle Sun.


Flow-y, feminine, and flattering are some of the key characteristics I look for in a piece of clothing. And my Enleto Veronika Robe effortlessly embodies all those qualities. Made of 100% silk with an intriguing mixture of tropical print and intricate black lace trimming, the very definition of luxury resort wear. As a natural fiber, silk is lightweight, luxurious and sustainable (sustainable fashion, woohoo!). The material won’t cling onto your body fat for a joy ride but instead skim through your figure seamlessly like a docile waterfall...

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