7 must try restaurants in New York City

BLENHEIM (West Village)

On a quiet Monday evening, my giddy team and I excitedly made our way to our nearest metro station, wobbling down the stairs to catch our train. Our destination? Blenheim, where a feast of champions awaited us.

A quickie train ride teleported us to the ever charming, West Village where I continued to wobble along as we made the rest of our journey on foot. Wet cobblestone pavement and 4” Ferragamo’s; not the smoothest of combos.

Upon destination, a gracious host behind a dimly lit bar greets us with warm enthusiasm. He then hands us each a menu, followed by whispers of magic, "order whatever you'd like.” Quinoa Truffle Risotto, Cauliflower Steak and a Diet Coke for me, sir.

Although not typically a risotto gal, the words quinoa and truffle on the menu description did the trick here. A decision well made as the Quinoa Risotto was the best I’ve ever had. It was the perfect appetizer with a light crunch and satisfying hints of truffle. The Cauliflower steak, on the other hand, was an interesting mix of textures and flavor. It was sweet and fiery, which greatly complemented the minimally flavored grilled cauliflower. Though in my opinion, a dish not necessary filling on its own.

With their beautifully crafted and tasty dishes, to their modern, upscale and intimate interior, Blenheim has quickly defined itself as the ultimate farm to table restaurant. A highly recommended, Michelin rated restaurant to get your grub on in the wonder that is New York City. 

MAGIC MIX JUICERY (Financial District)

The madness that is New York Fashion Week can leave one with little time to breathe and think, let alone eat. My solution? A stop at Magic Mix Juicery for my quick dose of healthy vegan and lots of magic ;) Also, to hoard up on my juice of choice: kale green juice. Because fashion week or not, I need my green juice fix, I need it.

Aside from green juice, my stomach was calling forth a superfood bowl. I chose The PINK FLOYD - a housemade coconut milk, pitaya, mango, chia, date bowl topped with sliced bananas, pecans, goji berries, and shredded coconuts. A perfect little on the go snack or breakfast if you ask me. The dried goji berries, sprinkled on top added an extra crunch and chewy texture that elevated my "PINK FLOYD" experience.

Next, I had to have a bite of that Five Spice Thai Salad. If kale is in it, I probably ordered it. And as expected, it did not disappoint.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself in the midst of the hustling and bustling, rapidly moving city life. Or better yet, let Magic Mix Juicery spoil you with cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, and yummy plant-based meals.

ANCOLIE (Greenwich Village)

Delicious, healthy salads served in reusable hipster glass jars; I could get used to that ;)

My first impression was, “Man, I could easily consume 10 of these jars in one sitting”. To my surprise, one healthy goodness in a jar was satisfying enough.

I ordered the Grain Jar with roasted broccoli, farro, apple & butternut squash, then added a hard boiled egg on top. And while it just looks like a bunch of veggies cooped up in a jar, the salad makes for a deliciously light, but satisfactory lunch.

Not pictured but consumed: Their delicious Vanilla Soy Latte.

THE GANDER (Flatiron)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Giant Broccoli from The Gander. Titled: Grilled Broccoli according to the menu, but it’s “The Giant Broccoli” to me! And it could convince the most vicious of veggie haters to consume their broccoli whole. It’s tasty and grilled to perfection. But the real winner is the sauce; IT’S HEAVENLY! The best way I can describe it is spicy mayo topped with bits of almonds to add that extra crunch. I find myself craving it during the wee hours of the night.

Also, on my feasting list: A scrumptious side of Brussels Sprouts cooked with confit garlic. As my team's brontosaurus (a herbivore dinosaur), I must say that I highly approve of The Gander's vegetarian options.

TABERNA 97 (East Village)

Authentic Portuguese cuisine tucked inside a cozy and rustic ambiance yes, please! My first time trying Portuguese cuisine and I must say, not bad. Not bad at all.

I ordered the Arroz Vegetariano as my main course and a side of Esparregado de Espinafres aka spinach mousse. Consisting of farro, celeriac, shimeji and hen of the woods mushrooms, peas, carrots, citrus-marinated tofu, The Arroz Vegetariano was unique and delicious. Farro = mah new favorite grain.

The spinach mousse was creamy but personally tasted a little too salty for me. But hey, that’s just how some people like it ;) However, I loved this dish paired with their starter bread.

Photo by: Michelle Sun (@Missmisschelle)

Totto Ramen (Theater District, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West)

Totto Ramen is the ramen place to end all other ramen places - I am not even exaggerating. I ordered the Spicy Vegetable Ramen, featuring a seaweed and shiitake mushroom base soup. The flavors were explosive and addictive, nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. I made Jillian from @comfycitychic go with me three times in a row. Sorry bout it Xp

Things to keep in mind:
-Cash only
-Small restaurant = tight space.
-No reservations

TAIYAKI (Chinatown)

Late night sweet tooth cravings led fellow foodie, Michelle (@missmisschelle), and I to the infamous Taiyaki where soft serve ice cream meets Japanese fish-shaped waffle.

While undeniably adorable and super IG-able, I consider the desserts good, but nothing exceptional. Overall, I'd still recommend a stop at Taiyaki for a taste of their unique treats.

It does get messy real quick so hurry up with that Instagram pic!