A Day At The Happiest Place on Earth

The Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel is sleek modern design with a touch of Disney magic. Walking distance to Downtown Disney and Disneyland, what’s better than a day at Disney? Sleeping over, duh!

A visit to The Happiest Place On Earth was long overdue. And I’m talking five years of dwindling “all talk” plans that never made it to the light of day. But on a typical Monday, an unexpected five-minute phone call sets in stone a trip that five years of talk and unambiguous attempts could not. Monday, you did good, but Tuesday was about to get even better. Dumping all previous plans because Disneyland, make way for thee!

Rise and shine during the wee hours of Tuesday morning was easy peasy. No snoozing for once, a single alarm ring and I was up and beaming. It’s a day with Disney, after all. Also, Michelle said she’d kill me if I weren't there by 9:00 AM sharp. Well, your girl was there at 8:50 AM, pumped and ready to go.

With a classic pair of red polka dot Minnie Mouse Ears tightly secured around my head, I skipped into Disneyland like a feral child with an agenda. “Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain,” played like a mantra in my mind. Also on the mental “check off” list: devour a plate of Mickey-shaped waffles and purchase a Mickey sweater.

But as the sun descended, a gray Mickey sweater reigned as the day’s lone accomplishment. Sometimes long lines deter plans but in this case without denting a fun-filled day. Needless to say, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Mickey-shaped waffles, I shall return!