An Honest Conversation & New Year’s Resolutions

In less than 24 hours, a new year arises and with every new beginning comes new resolutions. And today on the blog, I am sharing with ya'll a small portion of mines.

1. Make More Art

I studied and created art all my life, but since I graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design, it seems like the artistic activities came to a drastic halt. Specifically drawing and painting. Nowadays, I’m heavy into photography, if that isn’t obvious enough. But I would love to incorporate drawing and painting back into my daily activities. Possibly experimenting with merging drawing, painting, and photography together.

Figure painting and abstract art have always been a deep passion of mines, and it makes me sad that I haven’t devoted time to further honing those skill sets.


2. A Snooze-less Life

The countless college all-nighters have seriously screwed up my sleeping schedule. And it doesn’t help that my job isn’t a traditional 9-5. I control my schedule, and as a result, the snooze button and I have gotten to know each other quite well throughout the years. But I think it’s time to cut ties and have a more consistent early morning wake up call after all the early bird gets the worm. And I do love me some metaphorical worms.


3. Blog More About Beauty

According to my site analytics, beauty and skincare have the highest views on my blog. So, no duh, you can expect for me to up the amount of beauty related posts for the new year. Luckily, I truly enjoy photographing beauty products and writing reviews. I am even entertaining the thought of making videos but no promises yet.


4. Be A Better Person

I carry the habits of a shitty person sometimes. Particularly, the way I speak and interact with my mom. She can be very repetitive with her nagging and ask one too many unnecessary questions- in other words; she gets on my last nerves. Growing up, I had a very tumultuous relationship with her, but despite it all, I aim to approach her more patiently and compassionately.

My family is a topic I’m not 100% comfortable talking about, mostly because the traditional loving and warm family unit never really existed in my books. I know this sounds sad, but I promise you, it’s not spoken from a place of anguish or resentment.

But guys, I turned out ok right?? Not too screwed up in the head, me thinks.


5. Give People Chances/ Say Yes More Often

A lot of the men I initially think, “LOL, YEAH RIGHT” turn out to be remarkable people.  And though, I mentally roll my eyes seconds into the conversation; I end up being glad I gave them a chance to tell their story. In recent years, I've learned that I don’t always know what I want that character, confidence, unique personalities, and intelligence can make an impression.

In the past, I was only interested in getting to know someone if there was immediate chemistry. I realize this sounds a bit superficial. However, I am not strictly talking about physical traits but the overall presence and energy of a person.

The key I found to meeting great people is to give them a chance regardless of immediate attraction. Of course, they need to pass a certain standard or have an intriguing quality; I’m not saying every darn man I meet. So for 2018, I chose to say yes a little more. In all aspects of life, I decided to push boundaries and evade operating within comfort zones.


Oh and last but not least:

Get into my best shape ever
Eat healthily
Take an international trip
Read more
Improve in all aspects of life
Connect with family more often
Up productivity
Upgrade my camera gear
Make 2018 the best year ever.

Happy New Year, everyone!




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