Ate My Way Through La Jolla, San Diego


First stop, Puesto for the yummiest tacos in La Jolla. I ordered the two vegetarian taco options on the menu: The Mushroom and The Zucchini and Cactus. The word cactus had such a strong visual effect on my mind that I could envision the waiter serve my entree in the form of a spiky plant. Fortunately, not at all the case. Not to mention quite delicious and my favorite out of the two options. Be sure to order the elote (corn) with your taco dishes as it adds a flavor punch. Michelle and I were practically sparring over the corn like two hungry pigeons


Aside from the insanely attentive service (shout out to our waiter Rune) and tastefully decorated entrees, the atmosphere and interior decor are in a league of its own. A rustic ambiance with eclectic quirks, surrounded by 100-year old olive trees-The Herringbone, La Jolla is a sight to behold.

Not surprisingly the food leveled the decor in greatness. I started off with the Curried Cauliflower & Israeli Couscous, followed by the Fried Brussels & Candied Pecans, ending with the Vegetarian Special that the chef personalized for me. For dessert, I chose the Sticky Toffee Pudding and Michelle, the Herringbone Sundae. Honestly, both delicious but hers was a little better, or maybe we just want what we can’t have. Figuratively speaking of course, as I ate most of hers too. Lastly, be sure to order the Sangria, it’s one of my favorites.

Holy Matcha

Aesthetic AF is the only appropriate description for Holy Matcha, and it’s not even grammatically correct. One peep into this pinkstagram paradise and all heads will nod in unison. Every corner is feverishly “Instagram-able,” and I hate that word. But the food, tho? I ordered the avocado toast and Matcha Latte. The avocado toast was delicious, but I’m pretty sure they just sprinkle Trader Joe’s everything seasoning and some chili flakes (sorry if I spilled the beans on your secret). The Matcha Latte was so-so. I am biased though as I've never been a great fan of matcha. However, I still enjoyed my time there and managed to pick up a pretty photo or two for the blog.

Old photo

Old photo

Shorehouse Kitchen

Michelle and I headed over to the Shorehouse Kitchen for our second lunch, since the bite-size avocado toasts at Holy Matcha didn’t quite do the trick. I’ve been twice and was excited to introduce Michelle since the French Toast and Egg White & Tofu Frittata made my taste buds dance. The third time was not the charm, however. I ordered the Cucumber & Avocado Veggie Sandwich, one bite in and I knew I should have trusted my instincts and ordered off the breakfast menu. Michelle, on the other end, blankly stared off into space with the look of satisfaction. At one point she quietly murmured, " My stomach is so happy." I'm glad one of us enjoyed our meal.