It's Summer Somewhere...

Look 1

Look 2

Some of my favorite things to wear include: drum roll please…flow-y maxi dresses with high slits. I find that when I go through: “ I don’t know what to wear moments," I tend to gravitate towards maxi dresses because they are comfortable and easy to throw on. I can also manipulate how dressy or casual I want to look by how I accessorize. On a dressier day: sandal heels, a cropped leather jacket, and a bold necklace. On a casual day: flip flops and a slouchy tote. There are honestly so many different ways to style a maxi dress. Not to mention maxi dresses are flattering and form forgiving on those “feeling super fat days” where nothing seems to look good on, you know what I mean ladies?!

I got the two maxi dresses photographed above from They have such an amazing selection of clothing at an insanely inexpensive price. Looking for your next fast fashion online shop? Check out!

P.s: I procrastinated like crazy on getting this blog post up. It was meant to be more of a summer outfit inspo. But it’s all good because it’s summer somewhere in the world right?? -_- #excuses

<3, Sharon

Outfit details: Maxi dress 1, Sandals, Maxi dress 2,