Tom Ford: Lip Color & Honeymoon Eye Quad Review

Honeymoon Eye Quad

I am a neutral palette type of girl and not very explorative with eyeshadow colors. The day you see me sporting blue eyeshadow, you know I went and lost my damn mind. The Honeymoon quad is an awesome palette to push your eyeshadow boundaries without getting too crazy if you’re like me and only use neutral colors.

This shimmery palette is beautiful and very reminiscent of fall and the holiday season. The shadows are versatile, pigmented, build-able, and easily blend-able. I wore them out for 8 hours straight yesterday, without primer and colors only became slightly less vibrant. Overall they did a great job holding onto my oily lids for dear life.

Tom Ford Lip Color

Creamy, pigmented, smooth and incredibly chic packaging is “Lip Color” by Tom Ford. But is it worth the whopping $54?

My first impression was that this product was hyped up. A less expensive dupe with similar qualities is a dime and dozen. However, I tested this product out two days straight and discovered that the lasting power was pretty phenomenal.  

The funny thing was that I was out shopping during the day, dressed like a hobo and wearing this flaming red hot lipstick. Trust me; it was a very odd combo. I could sense the stares of confusion. A part of me was secretly hoping this red would just fade already. But nope, it went on and on like a pendulum swing. Well done, Tom Ford!