NYFW Diaries—A Weekend Gone Wrong

Day three of Fashion week landed on a rainy Saturday. By this point, the fashion festivities have come to a halt, not by choice but for good. Amongst the myriad of things gone wrong, (read first post here) an unproductive and moody Saturday tops the list. While terrible trips are a rarity, when it goes down, it sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Life knows no balance here...

NYFW Diaries—Millennial Pink Is Alive And Well

11:55 PM redeye flight from LAX to JF Kennedy left me tired, dazed and confused. So much so, Thursday had to be canceled, opting for a long snooze session over fashion week festivities. On a positive note, I’m pretty sure Thursday, February 8, 2018, marks the day I mastered public transportation. I guess you can say; I’m officially New Yorker material. There’s always a good lol...

En Route To Fashion Week

As the month of love and romance is upon us, come New York Fashion Week and all its frigid glory. I, for one, am fully prepared to layer away and brace the brutal cold that is New York winter. But prepping outfits and attending shows are least of my concerns. As the glitz and glamour of fashion week overshadow the intense prep work that goes back weeks in advance. As bloggers, we don’t just sit around and wait for invitations and sponsored partnerships...

Early Bird Gets The Worm- A New Year's Update

I am now a proud early riser, and I couldn’t be happier. My productivity level has increased, and I am more energized than when I slept in. I can’t imagine ever going back to snoozing and sleeping in on a daily basis. And now I desperately need to fix my sleeping schedule. It seems like my brain operates like a nocturnal animal. As soon as 10 pm hits, no matter how tired I was throughout the day, my mind suddenly becomes as alert as a dog on mail day. Any tips are welcomed!

Power Up Your Skincare Routine with Instytutum

When it comes to investing in beauty products, I often chose the tried and true over the trending new. After all, if my skincare regiment serves the needs of my picky skin, there’s no reason to stray. However, a recurring theme I experience is that no matter how spectacular a product may be, my skin seems to become immune to it eventually. The product works wonders in the beginning then gradually it seems to go into hibernation mode. I am mostly referring to serums or treatments. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and eye creams seem to be consistent with their performance.

I’m sure we’ve all shared similar experiences with our favorite skincare products. As a beauty product junkie with years of experimenting with skincare, I’ve come up with the best method to power up your skincare routine when your tried and true starts falling flat. Below, are my top two tips for powering up your skincare routine...

An Honest Conversation & New Year’s Resolutions

In less than 24 hours, a new year arises and with every new beginning comes new resolutions. And today on the blog, I am sharing with ya'll a small portion of mines.

#S1HolidaySeries: Muted Metallics

Merry almost Christmas and Happy holidays everyone! This year sure rolled by like an avalanche, I remember the beginning of 2017 like it was yesterday. I can’t say that this will be a memorable Christmas since I am currently sick in bed. But who knows maybe I’ll grow wings overnight, and it’ll be a Christmas miracle. Apologies if this post turns out to be weirder than average since I am typing this heavily medicated.