Power Up Your Skincare Routine with Instytutum

When it comes to investing in beauty products, I often chose the tried and true over the trending new. After all, if my skincare regiment serves the needs of my picky skin, there’s no reason to stray. However, a recurring theme I experience is that no matter how spectacular a product may be, my skin seems to become immune to it eventually. The product works wonders in the beginning then gradually it seems to go into hibernation mode. I am mostly referring to serums or treatments. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and eye creams seem to be consistent with their performance.

I’m sure we’ve all shared similar experiences with our favorite skincare products. As a beauty product junkie with years of experimenting with skincare, I’ve come up with the best method to power up your skincare routine when your tried and true starts falling flat. Below, are my top two tips for powering up your skincare routine...