Chicago, Illinois is Loony

The Bean shot by: Thomas Tran

Sky Deck

Photography: Michelle Sun @missmisschelle

Photography: Michelle Sun @missmisschelle

An itch from the bite of the travel bug made me do it. A single click confirmation and Chicago, Illinois, here I come. Better luck next time, Sharon’s wallet.

While work has dominated my recent travels, The Windy City was a spontaneous escape from Cali’s humid weather. My dear friend, Michelle, planned a girl’s trip months in advance and I, Sharon Litz, smuggled my way in on a whim. Packed and prepped for winter layering - round two!

Only, Chicago was the epitome of bi-polar weather, at least for the entire length of my stay. The weather on Day One started off as a chilly and breezy afternoon, only to transition into a boiling heatwave. I went from wearing three bundled layers to shedding off two within a couple of hours. Shedding my final layer was indeed tempting, but that would cross the line of public indecency. Day Two, it snowed while we froze in time. Do ya get the picture?

But the loony weather did not distract from the irresistible charm of the city. We enjoyed a variety of activities and sightseeing of Chicago’s best. The tourist in me demanded the exploration of the infamous Bean statue as well as the popular Sky Deck. And lastly, what is a trip to Chicago without a taste of their famous deep dish pizza? Personally, I recommend Lou Malnati’s for their deliciously saucy pizzas, baked to perfection with a thick and crispy homemade crust. Till next time, The City of Wind!