Dear Seattle,

The call of wanderlust is irresistible to me, whether a faraway destination or a neighboring state, I almost always surrender. Spontaneity and travel seem to be a package deal these days- like past trips, Seattle was an unexpected one. But I am so grateful and happy that I got the opportunity to squeeze in Seattle before the year’s demise.

I’ve loved many cities, but Seattle is one of the few I can almost envision living in. Weekly orca watching on the Puget Sound, Sunday strolls through Pike Place Market, Cafe crawls through Capitol Hill, it all sounds wondrous to me. There’s just something about Seattle that I find incredibly intriguing. I also had a phenomenal time hanging out with two bright, creative and talented individuals: Michelle and Jillian. It’s entirely possible that it was the people and not the place. Though we haven’t known each other for very long, the friendship felt very natural from the get go. And we work amazingly as a team. Michelle is an excellent communicator and an overall vibrant and genuine human being. One of the first things I picked up about her was her radiating, positive energy. Jillian is a talented video editor with a good head on her shoulders, with dreams as big as the sky. We turn the most basic conversations into a laughing session of hyenas. We all share similar end goals: to inspire, to succeed and to make a positive impact.

Aside from good company, a moment of connection with a stranger can make your whole trip a meaningful one. And I had the pleasure to have been acquainted with several amazing people in Seattle. I am also a madly grateful person, the simplest act of kindness can move me.

Upon arrival, instead of taking my usual Uber ride to my hotel, I opted to take the bus instead. Why? I’m not quite sure. As I sat waiting on the cold concrete airport bench, I see a large black bus approaching at moderate speed. I perk up within seconds, shivering and excited to evade the chilled air. I was planning on bombarding into the bus like a football player in tackle mode. But instead a guy in his late 20’s pops out with an enthusiastic, “HIIII” and the moment we lock eyes, we gaze at each other like a staring contest. Slowly, we part into an empty bus for two.

To be honest, my first thoughts were, “Oh man; I know this guy’s going to try and make a pass at me. I hope he just does his job LOL”. I dodged his questions with the usual, “I’m just here for work,” “I won’t have time to hang out”..blah.blah.blah. But the conversation turns from my ignorant questions of, “ What do people in Seattle do for fun?”, “Why is the Puget Sound called the Puget Sound?”, “Does Seattle have oceans?” to the full blown conversation about extraterrestrial beings, the mysteries of life, paranormal experiences, the depth and potential of the human mind- all the topics that truly fascinate me. I cherish these kinds of human connection.

On my way back to Los Angeles, some guy tries to steal my purse. Like wow, seriously?! The woman next to me steps in immediately and says to him aggressively, “I’LL TAKE THAT.” He hands over my purse to her like an obedient dog haha. Was I just graced with the presence of the superwoman? I don't know, but I am grateful.

The thing about traveling is that sometimes you receive more than just the experience of exploring a new and foreign land. It can reaffirm, that there are still amazing, good people in the world, it reignites your hope in humanity and helps deepen the bonds of friendship. So for now, I’ll be surrendering to wanderlust.

Pike Place Market

What is a visit to Seattle without the Pike Market Place? It’s one of the oldest operating farmer’s markets located in the heart of downtown Seattle. And an overall fascinating place, ideal for people watching, unique shopping, lots of dining options, and Instagram photos ;). We went to the first ever Starbucks (super cool!), walked around the farmer’s market, visited the gum wall, and ate at Piroshky bakery and Pike Place Chowder. I will be doing a separate blog post of all the places we ate at in Seattle.



Somewhere in Capitol Hill (Melrose street I believe)

A project with Homegrown Sandwiches and Molly Moon’s Ice Cream took us to the city of Capitol Hill, and I am glad it did. It’s such picturesque place filled with lovely streets and cute cafes. I would love to return to Seattle someday and explore the crap out of Capitol Hill and drink all their coffee (cute coffee shops). I loved the atmosphere, and the streets were quiet and uncrowded. 

PC: Jillian Tran (@comfycitychic)






Michelle at Vivace Coffee

Michelle wanted a coffee shop photoshoot, and that is just what we gave her ;). We ended up shooting at the Espresso Vivace coffee shop in Capitol Hill. I loved the spacey interior and their cute coffee art. Not to mention, the coffee was DELICIOUS!








Outside of Space Needle

I wish I could write about my experience about the Space Needle but we never actually never made it inside. We did a mini shoot outside and left LOL. Yes, we are terrible tourists. I tried making a reservation at the restaurant above, but unfortunately, it was all booked up. Another excuse to go back ;) #signs


PC: Michelle Sun (@missmisschelle)

Jillian at The Motif Hotel Seattle

Aside from the modern elegance of the Motif Hotel and the clean rooms, the location of it also serves as a great plus. It’s located in the heart of downtown Seattle and walking distance to all the tourist attractions-Pike market, Seattle Art Museum, Space Needle, etc. Not to mention it is surrounded by lots of dining and shopping options. You can explore Seattle without traveling far off. I'd rate this hotel a 5/5!



P.S: Look out for my Seattle food diary post, coming to you soon! I'll be sharing lots of food photos and rating all the restaurants we visited. Have a great day everyone!