Dressing NYFW- Tips to surviving New York winters

Photography: Michelle Sun from @missmisschelle

Photography: Jillian Tran from @comfycitychic

New York Fashion Week 2017 officially marks my third time visiting New York City during the brutal winter season. And after multiple visits and many, “I’m on the brink of frostbite” experiences, I’ve gotten extremely pro at layering for warmth. So on my blog today, I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks for conquering the frigid temperates of New York winters.

I’m also sharing three outfits I wore to New York Fashion Week that kept me warm and stylish. This year was by far the best and busiest NYFW because I had the pleasure of working as a photographer for shows, doing back to back showroom collaborations, and media tastings.

I never shot runway before, so the lighting situation made me a wee bit nervous. My Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 zoom lens isn't great with low light. I’ve done quick baby iPhone shots before but shooting professionally? A whole different ball game. And being told how difficult it was, made the knots in my stomach go from a simple bow tie knot to complicated french braids. But through trial and error and error and trial, I can now cross runway photography off my “learn to shoot” list. I also want to shout out Karen Rosalie from http://karenrosalie.com/ and my Lyft driver, Salvatore Soria (coincidently a professional photographer) for giving this nervous, sweaty betty such solid photography advice. The world can be such a cool place with wonderful people willing to help without asking anything in return.

I am also super excited to share my showroom collaborations with you guys. I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Ter Et Bantine, Hache, and AVN showroom where I got to preview their fall 2017/18 collection. Each brand had amazing pieces that I could totally see myself rocking. There was this gorgeous pink fluffy cotton candy coat from AVN that was staring at me like, "please love me and take me home".. but I already own like 1000 pink coats. I had to force myself to step away. And now questioning if I made a mistake. The struggles LOL.

Ter Et Bantine stood out to me the most because of their unique, high-fashion, straight out of the runway pieces. It very much reminded me of Chriselle Lim’s style. I picked out a piece from their collection that I felt was still very much me but something that I don’t already own in my closet. Stay tuned if you wanna see what I picked out ;)

I will be working on a campaign specifically with Ter Et Bantine in a couple of months, and I can’t wait to reveal the project. But for now, check out their current clothing line at www.teretbantine.com

Ter Et Bantine coat (left), AVN pink coat (right)

Lastly, look out for my food diary-New York City edition blog post, where I shall share with you all the things I ate in great details. Let me help you plan your next trip to New York City by sharing my personal must try foodie spots. Just try not to salivate on your laptop or phone ;)

Tip 1: Layer up, buttercup!

I always start off with the Uniqlo heattech extra warm top as my first layer. Not only are they effective in keeping you warm but also inexpensive. They are thin and will not add any bulkiness to your outfit. I then add a thicker sweater followed by a wool coat or some sort of thick jacket. I also layer their heattech tights under my pants. If you’re wearing a dress, you can double up on tights then finish with thigh high boots. Toasty.

The second outfit I wore pictured above was the coldest and windiest day in New York. I had to layer two Uniqlo heat tech tops. Then followed by a long wool coat by Club Monaco, finished with my Via Spiga faux fur coat. I then added two heat tech leggings under my Ann Taylor wide-leg striped pants. I love styling A-line maxi skirts and wide leg pants during cold winters because you could be wearing ten tights underneath and no one would know. A tricky way to stay stylish and warm. Not pictured: Why, my beanie and wool scarf of course! Can't forget those.


Tip 2: Protect your head & hands

Hats and gloves are vital in keeping warmth. It doesn’t matter how many layers you’re wearing if you don’t protect your head and hands, you will still feel cold.

Tip 3: Wool Scarf

Still cold? Invest in a wool scarf and always carry it with you; it will be that small difference that seals in maximum warmth.