Early Bird Gets The Worm- A New Year’s Update

Is it too early to ask how everyone is doing on their new year’s resolution? I am determined this year to nail mines! Read my new year’s resolution here.

I am now a proud early riser, and I couldn’t be happier. My productivity level has increased, and I am more energized than when I slept in. I can’t imagine ever going back to snoozing and sleeping in on a daily basis. And now I desperately need to fix my sleeping schedule. It seems like my brain operates like a nocturnal animal. As soon as 10 pm hits, no matter how tired I was throughout the day, my mind suddenly becomes as alert as a dog on mail day. Any tips are welcomed!

I’ve also started a hot yoga course in an attempt to get that Tulum body by April (Yes, Tulum is on my travel list this year.) A few of my favorite poses include the child’s pose and the happy baby pose aka the easiest ones lol. I have no problems admitting I might be the worse in my class. I mean these other ladies be bending over like string cheese. Hopefully soon, I will be as flexible as a string cheese too, the mozzarella ones that is.

Although I am nowhere near nailing my new year’s resolution, I am super excited and eager to! This year is really about getting rid of bad habits that aren’t fruitful to lead a more wholesome and productive lifestyle. I’ve never been more dedicated to implementing a positive lifestyle change. It’s now or never, and I choose now!

To live your best life isn’t meant to be easy peasy and it starts with small lifestyle changes- ridding bad habits that may not seem harmful but overall isn’t conducive to personal growth. Whether it’s taking better care of your health, sleeping earlier, or letting go of a negative friendship- taking small steps to improving your life can be that driving force you need to lead a better quality of life.

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