Escape Reality At Montage Laguna

An hour away from the bustling LA city life lies a hidden paradise in the form of seaside luxury. Whether you’re looking for a scenic photography spot, a delicious brunch with a panoramic view overlooking the Pacific Ocean, or a relaxing family getaway, look no further than to escape reality at The Montage Laguna.

While beach front hotels aren’t necessarily a rarity in LA, clean water, and quiet beaches sure are. Take Santa Monica for instance - absolutely beautiful, but have you seen the ocean water? It takes on the form of a muddy mixture between dark gray and blue, aka a water playground this sea-loving gal rather not enter. And so horribly crowded, you can kiss your peace of mind goodbye. On the other hand, the city of Orange County offers much cleaner sea water and is way less crowded if you know which areas to hit. The key is to avoid the main beaches. I’ve found that the secret to enjoying the beach in silence is to visit a luxury beach front hotel. These hotels are typically a lot less crowded than public beaches, and you do not have to be a guest to access them. The Montage Laguna is no exception and remains as one of my top hotel recommendations to visit, especially if you want to share an intimate one-on-one with Madam Ocean. As a guest, The Montage Laguna’s exceptional customer service and breathtaking ocean front property will leave you feeling like you’re in paradise one thousand miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life.



Outfits shot by @missmisschelle