Grateful in red

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for this year. One would be the amazing and genuine friendships I made through blogging. There are some truly inspirational, supportive, and wonderful people in the blogging community that have made my blogger journey so much more meaningful. I truly believe that we all bring something unique to the table and there is enough room for everyone to win. Unless we are playing a game of Laser Tag and you're my opponent, then I am sorry you will lose XP.

2016 is the first year in my adult life that I have bought absolutely nothing on Black Friday. Usually, I’d roll out of bed at like 9am Friday morning in a zombified state and attempt some shopping. I really couldn’t think of anything to buy this year aside from a new Canon lens, possibly an upgrade from my 50mm 1.4. I’m not sure if those go on sale but the thought of camping overnight at best buy hmm let’s just say, I’ll swallow the steep, full price.

One year, I attempted outlet shopping at Cabazon Premium Outlet the Thursday night before Black Friday and swore never again. Everywhere was lines, lines, lines everywhere. Lines on lines on lines, ok you get it lol. I waited in line at Gucci for like 40 minutes before I retired to the food court for the evening ( my two friends were shopping around so I couldn't leave). I mean the freaking line at Gucci snaked around for like 200000 blocks. It was 7:30 am when my nightmare shopping experience was over. Oh well, at least my friends made out with a dozen or two bags and smiley faces. Unless anyone is selling authentic Chanel bags for $200, do not expect to see me camping out anytime soon.



Outfit details: Uniqlo Flannel, New York & Company Emma lace skirt, New York & Company Obi belt, Zara kitten heels (similar), Dolce & Gabbana bag