NYFW Diaries—It’s The Time Nyack to the rescue!

More photos of Time Nyack here.

Sunday, February 12

Escaping the hustle and bustle of city life in favor of quieter suburban streets proved to be the refresher we needed. It’s The Time Nyack to the rescue! (Read Pt.1 and Pt.2 of my NYFW Diaries.)

Happy to see the infamous bright red front door that bled into a long edgy lobby. Happy to check into our spacious, eclectic room with a large baroque mirror and an overall energetic rocker vibe. To me, a symbol of a fresh start, a reset button to erase all previous letdowns.

By now, Michelle’s stomach flu had mysteriously vanished along with my terrible mood. Pumped and ready to enjoy the remaining two days of our trip. But first things, first, food.

The friendly front desk recommended Strawberry Place for brunch, and off we go without hesitation. Only to find that it was closed, a quick yelp session and we end up at the Art Cafe of Nyack instead. There, I contemplated taking the train back to New York City to squeeze in what’s left of fashion week. But the hour commute quickly shut down those thoughts or perhaps it was the yummy vanilla soy latte that held me back. I’m glad it did. Though bummed about missing the shows and parties, I enjoyed exploring main street Nyack and the history it reeked. It had a strange way of making me feel like I was in a different era- an olden age. A feeling that both intrigued and confused me.

Nyack pales in comparison to the grandeur New York City, but since my departure, I’ve thought about it often. I wonder what type of people reside there, what they did for fun. I thought about all the places I didn’t get to explore, like the Edward Hopper House and the Nyack Street Fair. A curiosity that is first of its kind.

lol, you weren't suppose to see my socks.

Sunday, February 11

Departure day came with mixed feelings of excitement and sadness. Excited to see my tiny Maltese after a week of separation, to eat the brussels sprouts that I'm currently obsessed with making, and to lay my head on comfort and familiarity aka my bed. But at the same time, wishing I had just one more day to explore this little village called Nyack.

Brunch at Strawberry Place was a priority before my flight back to LA because the name reminded me of that song that goes, “ strawberry fields forever.” Quite, logical here.

I spent the rest of the day snoozing on and off. Passed out quick during my Lyft ride to JFK, awoken by the sound of my driver, announcing, “we’re here”!

Shortly, we secure seats on our Delta flight, and off we go to home sweet home. Till next time, New York!

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