Runway Spotlight: SAKU NYC

I entered the Saku New York show partially exhausted and admittingly with limited knowledge of the brand. Little did I know, the show would be one of the highlights of my NYFW 2017 experience.

This time around, I attended a couple of shows as a photographer rather than a guest. And as for Saku, a photographer. Ten minutes late to the show photographer, unfortunately. As you can imagine, upon arrival, I came stumbling out of my Lyft car like a tumbleweed, only to be greeted by a line as long as time. Luckily for me, a photographer's pass meant bye bye line.

Inside the venue a fashionably dressed crowd and flashing cameras awaited me. But with my Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 zoom lens in hand, I was purely focused on getting the money shot.

The dimming of lights quickly silenced the rowdy and obnoxious crowd. From the media riser above the words: โ€œUNCROSS YOUR LEGS!!โ€ echoed through the empty runway. Within a brief intercession of silence, the runway lights up in a drastic fashion, upbeat music pulsating through the air. The show has begun.

The first model struts down the runway in a flowy pink dress with an Elizabethan collar and a bow tie. I knew then, and now this was my show.

The Saku style is feminine with a unique twist. Pink blouses with oversized ruffle collars that run across the shoulders, monochrome black tops with velvet pink bell sleeves. All in all, a beautifully curated collection that belongs in my closet.