Secrets of Sin City

Why of course: “Secrets of Sin City” is about Las Vegas! Today on the blog, I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks on how to navigate The City of Sin. Vegas is a city I frequent often, so naturally, I picked up a couple of helpful tips to help you plan your trip. I also went to CES 2017 early January and wanted to share a couple of photos :)

CES 2017

Faraday Future high-tech autonomous vehicle

Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe

CES (Consumer Electronic Show)- A first-hand look at cutting-edge technology: autonomous cars, smart appliances, wearables, drones, sensors, and mixed reality.

Unfortunately, CES is not opened to be public, but I wish you can all experience the innovation at CES. I believe in any industry, keeping up to date with technological trends is crucial. And seeing such amazing technology in person is a different experience than reading about it.

To attend CES, you have to be in the electronics industry, be an exhibitor or be part of the media. But if you play scavenger outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center and wait for someone to drop their pass, that is also a way. And remember if you get caught, Sharon did NOT tell you to do this. I'm kidding.



I typically go to Vegas in groups of four or more girlfriends. And when booking for rooms, we aim to not only stay together and comfortably but a little bit more upscale without over splurging. I also prefer to stay on "The Strip (<- click for map)," as I feel like you're receiving a more authentic Vegas experience. The stunning, luxurious, and spacious Venetian suites, fits our requirements perfectly.

Parties of 4-6 will work in your favor when booking at The Venetian because they only offer suites and not regular rooms. Every room will be spacious and come with pull out sofa beds that can sleep, additional people. You will save a ton of money when you split the cost for one suite instead of booking multiple hotel rooms to accommodate your party elsewhere. The key is when you’re booking your room to say you have two people in your party and not your actual number. Or you will get charged accordingly.

Their luxury suite has one king size bed and one pull-out sofa bed that can easily sleep 4 or 5 people comfortably. The Bella suite has two queen size beds and one pullout sofa bed that can easily sleep up to six.

So bachelorette/bachelor parties, Vegas trips with the girls, or family gatherings, The Venetian is a great option for staying together, going luxury but affordable.



As mentioned before, my friends and I typically go to Vegas in groups of 4-6. If you want to save even more money, The Elara is the way to go. Although not as grandiose as the Venetian, the rooms are modern, upscale and more apartment like than suite/hotels. It comes with amenities such as- a full kitchen, washer, and dryer, high-speed internet (no resort fee, yay!), a jetted tub, full-size fridge, etc.

We usually book the one bedroom suite and split the cost. We saved A LOT of money by doing this. The one bedroom suite comes with one king size bed and one pull-out sofa bed that sleeps six people comfortably.

Although not technically located on the Las Vegas strip (very close, though), it’s at an awesome and convenient location. It’s within walking distance to Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile Shops. If you drove to Vegas, instead of paying for The Elara valet service (they don’t have their own parking lot), park on the 3rd level of The Miracle Mile Shops for as many days and at no cost.

The Elara is walking distance to the Miracle Mile shop which I appreciate as they have a variety of convenient shopping and dining options. Check out their site for a list of shopping and dining options:



Gelato from Cocolini

Location: Near The Venetian food court

Bouchon (French, Located inside The Venezia Tower, Venetian)

Bouchon is a great French place for brunch. I got the Saumon Fume, and it was the best smoked salmon dish I've ever had. As a vegetarian, I have a difficult time eating meat and seafood, but occasionally I enjoy a bit of salmon and tuna. My brain is very intrigued by salmon and thinks it can stomach it. But the truth is I can barely tolerate the taste and end up not being able to eat it. I still try and order salmon from time to time, though; I sound like I have problems. But it paid off because the Saumon Fume from Bouchon was wonderful to my taste buds.


Bd Brasserie (left, nice dinner atmosphere), Mon Ami Gabi (right, great brunch place)

Shake Shack (located near New York New York)


Jardin (Inside The Wynn)

Jardin has great healthy options. We ordered green juice, kale scramble, and adult grilled cheese (ordered it for the name ;0.)

Grimaldis Pizzeria (Inside of The Palazzo)

Get your pizza fix at the famous Grimaldis Pizzeria!

Not photographed:

Allegro (The Wynn)

Great pizzas

The Buffet at The Wynn

The best buffet (In my vegetarian opinion)

Secret Pizza place at The Cosmopolitan

Try the pizza at the secret pizza place at The Cosmopolitan, that is if you can find it ;)

Holsteins at The Cosmopolitan

Get their alcohol milkshakes; it's delicious! My favorite is the Campfire Smores shake. I am not a big fan of their veggie burger but the shakes, OMG!



This one is an obvi. I don't gamble because one time I lost two dollars and I couldn't handle it.

However, I will say this: Vegas casinos serve free alcohol to all gamblers even if you're just playing penny slots. Obviously, so that they can get you drunk and take all your money, HAHA. So please drink responsibly. Sometimes what happens in Vegas does permanent damage to your bank account. The Wynn, I heard has the best complimentary beverages (free mojitos and brand name tequila). Just remember to tip your waitress.


"O" by Cirque Du Soleil (Stunning aquatic show)

"Ka" by Cirque Du Soleil (My personal favorite because there was more of a storyline.)


Vegas is very generous to the ladies. If you want to see your favorite DJ’s play or party at the hottest nightclub for free, you’re going to need to find yourself “a promoter.” And you just need to access one promoter, and they usually have connections to every club. Unfortunately, men usually have to pay unless you have a lot of women in your party. And in that case talk to your promoter and see if they can comp your entrance.

Promoters are relatively easy to spot. Typically men in suits with their head down, texting their life away lol. Don’t be afraid to approach one and ask if they are a promoter. Sometimes, you can even find their numbers online (go on IG and search up "vegas promoter"). Some clubs such as TAO nightclub even supply free drinks for ladies for a limited time.

The next step into getting even better deals is building a relationship with your promoter. In the past, when I use to frequent nightclubs, I would bypass long lines, party with celebs, even get comped tables. I’m not very big into nightclubs anymore, but I still have a couple of promoter contacts if anyone ever wants to reach out. I hope this helps!

P.s Daylight clubs are pretty much the same deal.

My favorites include:

OMNIA (Caesars Palace)


XS (The Encore)

MARQUEE (The Cosmopolitan)


MARQUEE DAY CLUB (The Cosmopolitan)