The Haunt Of Cass House Cayucos


To split up the 7-hour drive to San Francisco from Los Angeles, Michelle and I booked a night at the Cass House. Which served as a convenient halfway point and located in a resort-esque, small beach town of Cayucos. Also, 30 minutes away from the Hearst Castle.

The house itself has a historic charm meets contemporary comfort feel. Originally built around 1875 by Captain James Cass and completely restored in 2008 as an intimate five-room boutique hotel. Of course, my pea brain just had to google if the house was haunted. I mean hello?! An old house that fell into disrepair and abandoned for years that screams haunted to me. And according to the trusty internet, the captain himself and his daughter, Rosa like to make “special appearances.” As both a scaredy cat and a fan of paranormal stories, one can say, I was both stoked and freaked out.

However, upon arriving at the house, it had nothing but positive and calming energy to it. Our well equipped and cutely decorated rooms leveled that of an upscale hotel. And the beachfront views were a real delight. And yes, no paranormal activities were recorded during the remainder of our stay.

Also, be sure to stop by their bakery and restaurant. The food is amazing! Michelle and I loved their pepperoni pizza, and I am not a fan of eating meat. It has a unique flavor and unlike any pepperoni pizzas out there. And the quiche from their bakery is also the best I've ever had. Till next time, Cass house, I'd drive there just for the food!

PC: Michelle Sun

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